Monday, November 1, 2010

Souvenirs of Yesteryear. Exploring Chenango County, New York.

BLOG  #1  by  Donald A. Windsor, Norwich NY

Chenango County, New York, is where I live and what I write about.

My multivolume series is called Souvenirs of Yesteryear.  Exploring Chenango County, New York.  Volumes 1, 2, and 3 have been published.  Volume 4 is in press and should be in the Norwich bookstores this month.

I am an observant field historian.  Souvenirs of Yesteryear  presents an unusual view of local history from my unique perspective. 

During my explorations of Chenango County, I sought out the kind of historical remains that are normally ignored or disliked by most residents.  My motive was to instill an appreciation for the old relics of the past, so that they can be protected from destruction and passed along to future generations.

The articles in these books were originally published in our local newspaper, The Evening Sun, from October 2001 through April 2008 in a column named "Souvenirs of Yesteryear".  The exact reference is stated for each article.  A thorough index is provided.  Volume 4 concludes this series.

Books can be ordered directly from me.  Each volume is $25.00 + $2.00 New York State sales tax, for a total of $27.00.  Shipping is $3.00 for 1 volume and $5.00 for multiple volumes. 
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