Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada Lily in Oxford

Donald A. Windsor

A few vigorous plants of the uncommon red version of Canada Lily Lilium canadense were blooming along the railroad tracks in Oxford on 26-28 June 2011.  Some are taller than I am, over 6 feet.  The flowers hang down and the petals are recurved, but not back far enough to touch the bell, as they are in Turk's Cap Lily L. superbum.  No green is inside the bell, ruling out the Turk's Cap and the Michigan lily L. michiganense.

Although the colors and shape of the flowers may seem similar the Canada Lily is easily distinguished from the Tiger Lily L. tigrinum and the Day-Lily Hemerocallis fulva by its leaves.

My only previous encounter with the Canada Lily was on 11 July 2006 on the Adams Farm property of the Rogers Center in Sherburne.