Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hiking to Explore Chenango County

Donald A. Windsor   

   The best way to explore Chenango County is on foot, not through a car window (1).  A good way to travel on foot is to hike with us in the FLT-Bullthistle Hiking Club.

   We founded this club in July 2004.  Since then I have been leading hikes in Chenango County at least once a week.  So, in the 7 years that our club has been operating, I have led at least 350 hikes.  We covered a lot of the county!

   My hikes are every Sunday morning throughout the year.  We usually go around 5 miles, but sometimes as much as 8.  We meet in the city parking lot behind HoJo/Denny's in Norwich at 08:00.  We depart promptly at 08:05.

   Chenango County has 21 towns.  Each week we usually hike in a different town.  Those towns with the most State land are our favorites.  Pharsalia, German, and McDonough get most of our mileage.

   We stop and look at old foundations, stone fences, wildflowers, birds, fungi, and anything else that we find interesting.

   Join us if you can, and if you are capable of walking 5 miles.  Contact me at

1.  Windsor, DA  Not through a car window.  Souvenirs of Yesteryear.  Exploring Chenango County, New York.  Volume 4.  2010.  Pages 63-65.