Thursday, November 17, 2011


Donald A. Windsor

Four thistle species live in Chenango County.  Ranked in order of the most common to the least, they are:  Canada, Bull, Pasture, and Welted.  Note that, of the four, only the Pasture Thistle is listed as native by this authoritative reference.

Mitchell, Richard S. ; Tucker, Gordon C.  Revised Checklist of New York State Plants.  Albany, NY: New York State Museum.  1997.  400 pages.  The exact page numbers appear in [] below.
 Canada Thistle  Cirsium arvense  Alien  [242]

Bull Thistle  Cirsium vulgare  Alien  [242]


Pasture Thistle  Cirsium pumilum  Native  [242]

Welted Thistle  Carduus crispus  Alien  [240]

We also have Sow Thistles, which are not true thistles. 
Here is the Spiny-leaved Sowthistle  Sonchus asper  Alien  [264]