Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Donald A. Windsor

2011 was a wet year, very wet I thought.  But how wet?  On January 1, 2011, I started logging whether or not any precipitation fell during the 24-hour day.  I continued every day throughout the year and am still faithfully keeping track.

For 2011, we had 190 dry days (52.1%) and 175 wet days (47.9%).  So, in general, we had a wet day for almost every dry day.  Here is a breakdown by month.  Note that 7 months had more dry days and only 4 months had more wet days.

              Dry Days    Wet Days    Most Days
January      13              18             Wet
February    15              13             Dry
March        17              14             Dry
April           12              19            Wet
May            11              20            Wet
June           20               10           Dry
July            21               10           Dry
August       17               14           Dry
September 15               15            -
October      16              15           Dry
November  19              11           Dry
December   14             17            Wet

But, I have no baseline for comparison, so I intend to continue doing this.  My data reflect conditions where I live, in the City of Norwich.

Precipitation is usually reported as inches of rain or snow.  For my purposes, this is inadequate.  I want to know whether the ground or the foliage is wet, or if I leave something outside, will it get wet?  Or more importantly, if I schedule an event, is it liable to be a wet day?  Besides, some plants thrive on being constantly wet; others do not.